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Zhongfu and Lianzhong actively carry out "fire promotion day" thematic activities

In order to further strengthen the publicity and education activities of safety in production, on the occasion of the 23rd "Fire Publicity Day", Zhongfu Lianzhong launched the theme activity of "Understanding Fire and Learning to Escape", invited the instructors of the City Fire Prevention Training Center to teach fire prevention knowledge, organized staff to watch safety in production educational films, and conducted fire emergency plan drills. Activity. On the afternoon of November 8, more than 70 key employees from the production line participated in fire prevention knowledge training in the company. The instructors of the Municipal Fire Prevention Training Center explain the knowledge of fire prevention, on-site fire fighting, self-rescue and escape combined with major fire cases. After the training, the staff also watched two safety education films, The Myth of Zero and Self-help and Escape from the Fire. Through training, we can further enhance staff's awareness of fire safety, help to enhance staff's ability of self-rescue, and create a strong atmosphere for safe production. On the morning of November 9, a fire emergency plan drill was carried out in Lianyungang Blade Factory. Vice General Manager Wang Tongbing, the heads of production workshops and security personnel of the company conducted on-site observation. The drill was well organized and effective. Every performer devoted himself wholeheartedly. The rescue team, rescue team, fire extinguishing group, vigilance group and rescue team cooperated with each other tacitly and performed their duties. The fire was quickly extinguished in the early stage. Through this exercise, the suitability of Zhongfu Lianzhong Fire Emergency Plan is further tested, and the "four abilities" of employees to deal with fires are also tested. The launching of the theme activity of "Fire Publicity Day" not only made the staff deeply understand the working principle of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", but also increased the knowledge of safety production and deepened the understanding of safety workers'work. In the future, CFU Lianzhong will popularize safety production related knowledge in a more flexible and diverse way, and create a good atmosphere of "I want to be safe, I can be safe, I will be safe".