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Industrial Specialty Gas Cylinders


Industrial Specialty Gases & Calibration Gas Cylinders


Aluminum alloy gas cylinders are ideal to store some type of industrial gases and most type of  Calibration gases because of light weight, and corrosion resistance, KJ high pressure seamless gas cylinders are made of 6061 aluminum and manufactured strictly according to national and international safety standards, which ensures the consistency of wall thickness ,weight and performance. They are the first choice to fill and refill various kinds of industrial gases, high purity gases and calibration gases. Advanced technology has reduced the producing cost and achieved mutual benefit. High standard quality control and detailed instruction for use and maintenance ensure the safety of operator.

Kejin can also supply cylinders with different internal surface   treatment , including acid washed, internal grinding, type A internal coating, type O internal coating, type F internal coating and type P internal coating. Some cylinders can meet very strict calibrate accuration requirements.


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